Digital Marketing Organizer & Tracker

Your all in one place to Organize, Track, and Report Digital Marketing
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Marketers Playground Organizes Marketer’s Routines, Tracks Activity Log and Consolidates Reports.

Local Business Owner

Website Vitality Check, Local SEO, Business Review

Corporate Marketing

Activity Tracking, All Digital Marketing, Campaign KPI Review, Consolidated Report

Marketing Agency

Consolidated Client Review, Activity Tracking, Reports, Auto Tasks Client On-Boarding

Franchise Business

Effectively Launch And Manage Franchise Business Digital Marketing campaign results and business review

Marketers Playground gives you the ability to:

✓ Organizes bookmarks, digital routines & login credentials
✓ Shares documents and digital contents
✓ Track SEM, SEO, Social, and Email Campaign
✓ Track marketing tasks
✓ Tracks marketing activity logs and notes
✓ Consolidates marketing reports
✓ Communicate between team members, with outsourcing staff and clients